Our Case Studies highlight those brands where we were asked to create a completely new look and feel for the brand. In an ideal world this begins with a brand and communications strategy, then proceeds to the creation of a new brand mark and tagline, with a new look and feel across the brands entire range of communications, including new photography, copywriting, design, advertising and brand guidelines to create a synergy across all communications and across an entire range of media.


The Reverse V project



The Reverse V Project is planning to re-create one of the greatest quivers in modern surfing history: six magic surfboards, built for Tom Curren by Maurice Cole between 1990 and 1992. With these boards underfoot, Tom set off to win his legendary Trials-to-Title world pro surfing championship, and followed it up with his singular Hawaii tour victory at the Hawaiian Pro in 1991 at Haleiwa. In the process, Maurice developed the reverse vee rocker design, turning convention on its head and opening the door to the high performance magic of the ‘90s and beyond.


We developed the Reverse V Project proposal and are managing the Australian arm of the project. We created the brand mark, developed marketing materials, all merchandise, a website, a regular digital newsletter and a large format collectors edition coffee table book.


With a limited budget and partners spread across the globe this project is a challenge, one that we are passionate about.


The Reverse V Project launched in California at "The Boardroom Show" with much interest shown within the surfing community. Further promotions are planned in America, Brazil, Japan, France and Australia.





Brandmark, Responsive Website, Digital and Print - Design and Advertising plus an Annual Report. Western Chances is a not for profit organization working to unlock the potential of young people in Melbourne's west. Western Chances scholarships support motivated and talented young people, who may not otherwise have the opportunity to pursue their education and their dreams.


Western Chances was in need of a total brand makeover to attract sponsors. The new look needed to resonate with everyone involved in the organization - scholarship recipients, board members, sponsors and potential sponsors. New engaging photography of scholarship recipients was required as well as a new website. A website is a brands first and main touch point, so getting it right in terms of design and user experience is absolutely vital!


The new brandmark is eye-catching, engaging and positive in both colour and form. New photography of the scholarship recipient’s, art directed by ThompsonCooke and photographed by Igor Sapina gave us great visual assets to use throughout the entire project. The new responsive website highlights scholarship recipient achievements, works beautifully on computers and adapts for use on tablet and mobile devices.


On the day the new branding and website was launched there was so much excitement from everyone involved in the organization. We received messages and emails from all board members. Western Chances professional and engaging new look has allowed them to grow their sponsorship base significantly. Their website achieves SEO objectives through organic growth. The CMS we specified is incredibly easy to use, allowing Western Chances to update their website as required.

ongoing work...


We have since created a number of ad campaigns for Western Chances. These feature on digital billboards and printed banners at Melbourne Airport and in local press.


The concept for Western Chances annual reports promote the organization beyond the financials. The engaging and emotive images of scholarship recipients are used throughout. As Western Chances is a not for profit organization costs are always a major consideration. The annual reports were printed on 100% recycled paper using the most cost effective digital print process available. The reports were well received by all partners and supporters of the organization and are used online (PDF download) and as a leave behind for corporate sponsors.





To create a book celebrating Ripcurl the company and their 25th year involvement in the Australian surfing industry. This was a dream job - but where to start? What do you put in and what to leave out and historically what's out there to work with in terms of photography?


Working with the RipCurl team co-ordinator and writer Derek Hynd, the decision was made to tell the story chronologically with snippets and insights from the RipCurl sponsored riders throughout the 25 year period. Images were sourced from photographers and surfers worldwide. A logistical nightmare but Richard a keen surfer, loved every minute of it...


We designed a 25 year anniversary brandmark as well as a series of graphic icons to highlight each section of the book. Underwater photography by Ted Grambeau was the image selected for the cover. It worked well with the black neoprene slipcase and the silver 25th anniversary brandmark. A 3 day photo shoot was organized in Sydney Australia, with the then current sponsored surfers taking time out from the pro-tour so their photo's could be included in the book. Historical photography was sourced from across the globe. Copy was written by Derek Hynd and Phil Jarrat.

The books were printed on a web press for economies of scale - with 350,000 books printed in total. A special run of books was designed and presented in a zip-up, neoprene wetsuit style cover (made in house at RipCurl) These were presented to the who's who of the surfing industry across the globe.


The surfing and design industries loved the book and it was the beginning of a long and rewarding partnership with the crew at RipCurl.
MADC silver Award
Catalogue Awards (catalogue of the year)


ongoing work...

RipCurl – Seasonal Catalogues

In store promotional catalogues for Rip Curl, featuring the current season’s range of products including girls and guys wetsuits, surfwear, snow gear and surfboards, alongside sponsored surfers.
Numerous Catalogue Awards

A reworkof the iconic 'rubber soul' RipCurl logo to an overall brand logo, rather than the specifically wetsuit related brandmark. A hibiscus pattern was designed for the summer catalogue and has since been used as board short fabric and in the foyer of RipCurl Australia.





The Mercedes-Benz Star Guild is an important in-house incentive program for sales staff. The brochure has an AMG V12, theme with cover graphics based on the grill pattern. The slipcase for the pack features a foiled grill pattern, with a Mercedes-Benz steering wheel badge inset into the cover. The Mercedes-Benz Star Guild incentive was a huge success with sales-staff with winners awarded a trip to Prague. We received a Melbourne Art Directors Club Award for the project.


The Smart Star Guild is an in-house incentive program for sales staff. The theme was Peru, with the winners awarded a trip to Macchu Piccu.


Mailed out to coincide with the Australian Grand Prix the customer pack contains an invitation to a 5 day event, the AMG - Adrenalin Rush. The pack includes a drive day at Phillip Island racetrack in an AMG car of the customer's choice, tickets to the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Ball with pit passes for each day of the event.


An Invitation, Poster, Programme and Banners for a two-day event held at Melbourne’s Grand Hyatt Hotel.





New Brandmark, Signage, Labelling, Carry Bags, Catalogues and Advertising for the Blue Illusion brand. Designers and retailers of women’s fashion, accessories and french inspired homewares.


The Blue Illusion brand was well overdue for a makeover. The logo had a dated 80’s feel. The original design in no way reflected the Blue Illusion brand name. Their catalogue's, advertising, signage and carry bags had little visual impact or style.


The new Brandmark we created for Blue Illusion reflects their move to a more contemporary and upmarket brand positioning.

A beautifully designed carry bag is like a walking billboard. The carry bags we created for Blue Illusion were a hit with their customers and helped launch their new brand image. To keep things exciting carry bags are updated each season with a fabric print from the new range. Blue Illusion loved their brand makeover and they still say, “thanks, you really nailed it!” Over the next few years Blue Illusion grew from 8 to 80+ stores. They’re still growing!

A seasonal catalogue won an Australian Catalogue Award.